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Grief takes many forms, and being surrounded by a community can help you learn how to re-enter the world and begin the lifelong mourning process. Joining us today on Haven the Podcast is Michael Liben, husband, father of three, and podcast host, to discuss the loss of his 15-year-old daughter, Liel. In this episode, you will hear about Michael and his wife’s difficulty having children, their two surviving children, and the health issues Liel experienced before her death. Michael had a slightly different attitude to his daughter’s inevitable death, and today, he explains how he reacted to the news that she would not make it, how his family reacted to his attitude, the decision they made to donate her organs, and what they felt when she passed. We hear all about mourning in Judaism, shiva, and how food, community, and laughter saved him in his grief. Finally, Michael tells us why he is a strong believer that grief shared is grief lightened and about the podcast he has been hosting for seven years in his daughter’s memory. This beautiful episode about being realistic in your faith, mourning with loved ones, and continuing life after losing a child is not one to be missed, so tune in now.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A warm welcome to today’s guest, Michael Liben.
  • He tells us about his children, the health issues his daughter experienced, and her death.
  • Michael explains why prayer is a conversation and how he approached his daughter’s death.
  • How his children reacted to Michael’s attitude to their sister’s death.
  • The dangers of a pacemaker coming in contact with a cell phone.
  • Why autism was more difficult for Michael to handle than a heart defect.
  • Why he was happy to donate his daughter’s organs and the release he felt when she died.
  • Jen tells us about her experience of talking to a priest after losing her son.
  • Michael explains grief in Judaism and how laughter saved him during shiva.
  • How sharing a meal connects you in mourning.
  • The perspective created by realizing people outside of the immediate family lost someone too.
  • Why grief shared is grief lightened.
  • Michael tells us about the podcast that he hosts in his daughter’s memory.

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