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Grieving the loss of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare and the pain of what-ifs can be crippling. Our guest today courageously joins us to share her potentially triggering and emotional journey of unexpected infant loss, when her beautiful baby girl, Reese, was stillborn mere hours before her scheduled delivery. Amanda Duffy opens up about the red flags throughout her pregnancy and the missed opportunities to intervene. Her devastating experience propelled her to do everything in her power to help others experiencing the same radical heartbreak and provide tangible avenues to create awareness in the hopes of preventing unnecessary stillbirths. In this episode, we hear how she is supporting families through Tethered Care Consulting, and how simple education truly can mitigate the risk of pregnancy loss. Please note that this episode carries a trigger warning for stillbirth. Tune in for a moving conversation about mothers’ intuition and the process of learning to grieve and love at the same time.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing our guest, Amanda Duffy.
  • Amanda opens up about her pregnancy with her second-born child, Reese, who was stillborn mere hours before her scheduled delivery.
  • The red flags throughout Amanda’s pregnancy and missed opportunities to intervene.
  • The dismissal of mothers’ intuition in the medical system.
  • TW: For those who wish to avoid Amanda’s account of her delivery day, please skip audio between [19:56] and [30:43].
  • The information that had been withheld from her throughout her pregnancy, and what she learned about stillbirth after her daughter’s birth.
  • How she channeled her grief into helping others experiencing infant loss.
  • The effectiveness of Count the Kicks in reducing the number of stillbirths.

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