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Pregnancy after loss feels like a journey too difficult to navigate but thanks to angels such as today’s guest, Lindsey Henke, MSW, LICSW, it is possible and your desire for another child can outweigh your fear of loss. In this episode of Landscape of Loss, we take a look at our guest’s stillbirth experience and her second pregnancy as she explains what helped her, what didn’t help her, and what she wished she had done differently. Lindsey also tells us what made her decide to have another baby, how you can navigate making that decision, and the importance of having boundaries after a loss. She even explains emotional cushioning, why it’s normal, how you can connect with your baby despite your fears during pregnancy, and what affirmations can help you quell the anxiety of pregnancy after loss. Finally, Lindsey tells us all about her incredible support system for women who have suffered loss and want to have another child, Pregnancy loss Support and how it has helped her in her own healing. This episode is heartfelt, educational, and inspirational and is not one to be missed so tune in now!

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