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Bereavement Photography with Michelle Warren

Episode 3: Show Notes.

Memories play such an important and powerful role in the way we deal with loss, and how we move through our lives with grief. Bereavement photography is one avenue that families can explore to honor, remember, and cherish memories, and here on the show today to talk about this sensitive subject is Michelle Warren. Michelle is an amazing individual who managed to find her way into a rare and meaningful line of work that is not always properly understood. In our chat, we hear about her route into photography, how it grew out of a hobby, and how she then managed to find a space to help families with traumatic loss and the pain of grief. Michelle shares some of the central tenets of her work, her approach to working with families, and the difficulties that are inherent to these interactions. We also talk about her ideas of what bereavement photography really offers to people, and how she manages to work with so much loss on a regular basis. Listening in, you will hear a message of hope, comfort, and acceptance, that is undeniably powerful and worth consideration. This podcast discusses miscarriage, pregnancy, infant and child loss. Please, listen with care.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Michelle made her way into full-time photography and the early subjects of her pictures.
  • The process of turning a hobby into a business.
  • Stepping stones on Michelle’s journey that led her to this specific line of work.
  • The opportunity that bereavement photography offers a family dealing with loss.
  • Michelle recounts her first session as a bereavement photographer.
  • How Michelle approaches making families feel comfortable.
  • The goals that Michelle has in mind going in to work with a family.
  • Ways that Michelle supports her own well-being through the sadness attached to her work.
  • Thoughts on adverse ideas about bereavement photography and the space that Michelle has for different needs.
  • Misunderstandings of the motivations of Michelle’s work, and how she confronted this early on.
  • A message from Michelle for anyone weighing up whether to have bereavement photographs taken.
  • Looking at things from the perspective of the parent and what they need most.


“I didn’t actually think I would be accepted, because I wasn’t professional. Didn’t have insurance. Just a woman with a camera. Then they accepted me.” — Michelle Warren [0:04:05]

“It’s their opportunity to get those photos and have them tastefully done by someone that knows what they’re doing.” — Michelle Warren [0:06:48]

“I focused more on the positive of what I was doing and what it would bring them, versus any of the sadness it would bring me. I just try to focus on that part of it.” — Michelle Warren [0:09:14]

“The goal is for me to capture memories that they maybe don’t see with their own eyes, or that they would forget.” — Michelle Warren [0:12:04]

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