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Caring for the One in Four with Margaret Scofield and Ann Pearson

Episode 11: Show Notes.

Welcome back to Haven the Podcast. During today’s episode, we are joined by two guests. When Margaret Scofield learned about her friend, Ann Pearson’s pregnancy loss, she was moved to offer her meaningful comfort. Having failed to find any relevant books on the market with which to do that, she felt motivated to write and publish her own baby book to honor the children lost in pregnancy and infancy. Join us today to hear both women’s stories, and how Margaret made sure that the book was every bit as beautiful as every other journal on the market. You’ll learn all the ins and outs of the publishing process, and the obstacle of having no relevant BISAC code to categorize the book. This resource is relevant for newly grieving parents, as well as people who have experienced the loss of a child in the past. Join us to hear what makes the book so special, and how you can use it to bring comfort to the grieving mother in your life today. Please note that this episode carries a trigger warning for miscarriage, pregnancy, infant and child loss. Please listen with care.

For listeners who wish to avoid Ann’s account of pregnancy loss, please skip audio between [0:03:15] to [0:03:45] and [0:06:07] to [0:07:36]


“If it’s this common, why have you not catered to a quarter of these women? Why have you not made them a priority? It’s not like there’s a door shut where there’s a ban on this type of literature, but why wouldn’t you make it as easily accessible as possible?” — Margaret Scofield [0:11:16]

“I knew I wanted to make a memorial baby book, but I knew I had one shot. If I was the only one doing it, it needed to work for everyone as best as possible.” — Margaret Scofield [0:19:41]

“I just wanted it to be as good as the other baby books because these babies were lost. These wanted pregnancies, these unexpected heartbreaking, heart shattering-losses were just as important as living babies.” — Margaret Scofield [0:27:57]

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