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In the tough journey of grief, getting to a place where we can accept our loss or a traumatic experience isn’t easy, it takes time and real effort. Today, we have Heather Gilbert with us, sharing her raw and emotional story of navigating loss and grappling with depression afterward. She is 18 years into her life journey with loss, and presently a mother of four children with one in heaven. Join us as Heather takes us through the heart-wrenching details of losing her unborn child, planning a funeral two days into her postpartum trimester, and finding her way through life after loss. She shares her experience journeying through her second pregnancy and the moment depression ultimately took hold. Tune in to be inspired by Heather’s resilient story through loss, life after loss, and beyond. Thank you for listening.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • An introduction to our guest, Heather Gilbert.
  • Heather takes us back to the very beginning of her story.
  • She takes us through the experience of losing her baby very close to her due date.
  • Planning a funeral two days postpartum.
  • Navigating life after the loss.
  • She details the journey of her second pregnancy and month after the loss of her first baby.
  • When the depression finally hit.
  • What changed her suicidal ideation and led her to see a therapist.
  • She recounts her first experience with a psychiatrist.
  • Heather shares about dealing with a divorce, four years after the loss.
  • When the tears broke through.
  • How she found her way to a home church.
  • Her encouragement to anyone going through trauma: don’t do it alone.