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For all of us – not just those who are dealing with loss – the holidays can be a troublesome period filled with overwhelming emotions and events. But navigating holiday landmines is as simple as always putting yourself first. Today, we welcome Hannah Stonehouse Hudson back to the show for the third time, as she shares some advice on how to get through the most emotionally-intimidating time of the year. We begin by learning how to properly plan for holiday gatherings, how to harness healthy holiday expectations, how to arm yourself with exit plans, and how the holidays (contrary to popular belief) are all about putting yourself first, especially if you are dealing with a new loss. We also discuss the importance of having check-in partners and an arsenal of canned responses before diving into the strategies for navigating holiday landmines and triggers. The remarkable Hannah Stonehouse Hudson shares tips on how to prioritize your own well-being in any given situation, and she explains why adequate self-care and finding joy in the holidays is easier to achieve than one may think. As ever, due to the sensitive topics discussed on this podcast, please listen with care.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • For the third time on this podcast – a very warm welcome to Hannah Stonehouse Hudson.
  • How to plan for holiday gatherings.
  • Why it is important to have healthy expectations for the holidays, and what that looks like.
  • The best exit strategy for uncomfortable holiday gatherings: just leave.
  • Why you need to give yourself permission to feel the way you feel in any moment.
  • The value of a check-in partner, and why canned responses are your number one ally.
  • Navigating holiday landmines and triggers.
  • How to prioritize yourself when someone else needs the support that you’re not ready to give.
  • Finding joy in the holidays once again; assessing what you need in/from any situation.
  • Self-care: How to maintain mental, emotional, and physical health during the holidays.

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