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Hope is one of the first casualties of loss, closely followed by a breakdown in faith. And while it’s necessary to experience grief to its furthest point, it’s just as important to recover your hope to begin living life to the fullest once again. We are thrilled to be joined by Rachel Lohman for today’s episode as she gives us behind-the-scenes access to her latest book, Miscarried Hope, a guide to help women who want to recover their faith after experiencing a loss. Rachel is also the Founder and Creative Director of Hope Again Collective, an online store that uses jewelry to tell the stories of moms who have suffered pregnancy and infant loss. Rachel details her miscarriage experience and explains what it means to be gifted with tragedy, before explaining where and how she found the moms whose stories can be found on her website, and why every one of the 250-plus stories is worthy of celebration. We also discuss how her work has been a catalyst for healing and growth, how loss breeds perspective, her intended purpose for Miscarried Hope, The five stages of hope, and how Silent Saturday replenished her hope reserves. If you’re struggling to give yourself grace and are looking for ways to restore your hope and faith after a loss, then Rachel has some important advice just for you! As always, please listen with care.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Welcoming Rachel Lohman to the show as she briefly shares her background.
  • Rachel’s miscarriage experience.
  • What it means to be gifted with tragedy.
  • How Rachel found the group of moms that influenced her jewelry line, Hope Again Collective.
  • The many faces of grief: the stories and testimonials that she shares on Hope Again.
  • Celebrating the 250 stories that she’s shared so far, and their accompanying jewelry pieces.
  • How her work has been an avenue for self-healing and growth.
  • Loss and perspective and being guided by faith.
  • Rachel explains the purpose of her book, Miscarried Hope.
  • The five stages of recovering hope: expectation, despair, shock, grief, and active hope.
  • Silent Saturday: a pivotal moment in Rachel’s life when hope became bigger than fear.
  • Her advice to moms who are in the early stage of questioning God and their faith.
  • How to give yourself grace and why it’s important to do so.

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