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Episode 8: Show Notes.

We need to create a world where we respect the way in which everyone deals with loss and grief. Today we are joined by Andrea Krejci Paradis to discuss the importance of holding space for grief and discussing the taboo topic of death. Andrea is a ‘rest specialist,’ yoga instructor, and end-of-life doula (tune in to find out more!) She has experienced three miscarriages and was shocked at the way she was told how to handle the loss of those children. Today we discuss how those losses have shaped who she is now. Andrea defines what ‘rest’ is and why it is important before going into why yoga is so special. Tuning in, you will also hear us discuss society’s need to comment on the reproductive status of women and why this is toxic. We also talk about the guilt experienced after a loss. Andrea tells us how she categorizes self-care and how mindful practices helped her grieve and honor the loss of her children. We also delve into why society avoids discussing death and mental health as Andrea explains ancestral healing and the work she does as a death doula. Finally, we explore the importance of letting go of constant independence and creating supportive communities for future generations. Thank you for joining us!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Andrea Krejci Paradis.
  • An overview of how Andrea and Jen met and what Andrea does for a living.
  • Defining ‘rest’ and why it’s important.
  • What Andrea thinks is different and special about yoga.
  • How and why breath is emphasized in yoga.
  • How Andrea’s personal experiences are applied in her life and career.
  • The losses Andrea has experienced in her life: three miscarriages.
  • The importance of holding space for people to experience grief in whatever way and time they need to.
  • Discussing how society comments on women’s reproductive status.
  • The guilt that is felt after experiencing a loss.
  • How mindfulness, journaling, and meditation helped Andrea honor the loss of her children.
  • The way Andrea categorizes self-care.
  • Questioning why society avoids discussing mental health.
  • The importance of building communities that can support each other.
  • How toxic independence is ingrained in us.
  • Why it takes so much work to build these support communities.
  • What ancestral healing work is and how important it is.
  • What an end-of-life doula is.
  • How to start including a culture of rest in your life.


“Intentional rest doing [and] it really purposefully in order to heal is a powerful thing.” — Andrea Krejci Paradis [0:04:09]

“I’m still deconstructing the busyness of our culture and trying to remember that that doesn’t have to be the way that I live and it doesn’t have to be part of my life. I’m learning still to apply that [rest concept] to my life.” — Andrea Krejci Paradis [0:11:26]

“Those losses were the just most prominent and created a shift in my life, more than other little losses and little deaths that I’ve experienced throughout the rest of my life. — Andrea Krejci Paradis [0:23:20]

“Slowing down, pausing to be able to get to know yourself and to get to know how your energy or your emotions are shifting [is important.]” — Andrea Krejci Paradis [0:33:17]

“Let’s build a community that is non-judgmental and non-reactive and supportive.” — Andrea Krejci Paradis [0:52:03]

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