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After a loss, it can feel impossible to find the right support. No matter where we live, it seems that there are obstacles to basic concepts of empathy and understanding, especially in healthcare settings. Today, we travel across the world to chat with pregnancy loss life coach, Sharna Southan, about her own loss and what she is doing in Australia to help other moms who have experienced pregnancy loss. Sharna is an ICF-certified coach, mother to her rainbow baby, and founder of the Institute of Healing through Pregnancy Loss. Following her heart into business after her own pregnancy loss in 2017, Sharna firmly believes that our adversity gives us an opportunity to grow. Tuning in, you’ll learn more about Sharna’s specialized loss support services and how she guides bereaved parents through healing, recovery, and living their fullest expression after pregnancy loss, plus so much more. We hope that this episode will give you the support you need you to reclaim your power after loss and re-write your story so that you can confidently look toward a brighter future. As always, please be aware that this podcast discusses miscarriage, pregnancy, infant, and child loss. We encourage you to listen with care.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Sharna speaks candidly about her traumatic and isolating experience of pregnancy loss.
  • The importance of empathy in traditionally sterile healthcare settings.
  • Why better education about fertility and pregnancy is necessary.
  • The hope for the future that is stripped away after pregnancy loss.
  • Processing grief and loss before “trying again.”
  • How Sharna followed her heart and soul into business.
  • The importance of having a “safe place to be weak” while you heal.
  • Understanding how emotions are stored in your body.
  • Healing as an ever-evolving journey (life doesn’t come with a trigger warning!)
  • How Sharna guides her clients to process their emotions, beliefs, and thought patterns.
  • What it means to reconnect with your future.
  • Insight into the education program that Sharna has created for service providers.
  • The ripple effect that loss has throughout our lives.
  • Ways that adversity provides us with opportunities to grow.


“Everything you believe to be true before pregnancy, before pregnancy loss, it rips all of that out [from underneath you] and you’re just like, ‘Now what? Now what do I believe?’ You’ve got to start again.” — @SharnaSouthan [0:13:52]

“Everything that I did, all of the different transitions that I realized I went through, I created a program around that. That’s what I started to support women in.” — @SharnaSouthan [0:28:47]

“The process that I went through, in redefining my future, I allow my clients that space as well.” — @SharnaSouthan [0:31:35]

“The world needs more people that can hold space for those that are navigating loss, and to understand that loss has a ripple effect throughout our entire lives. Every place that we show up in, our loss has touched that place.” — @SharnaSouthan [0:33:44]


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