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There’s a saying that bad things often happen in threes. But what happens when the worst version of that is the loss of three loved ones in the span of 3 years? How would you possibly navigate a world you barely even recognize anymore? Our guest today is Angie Hanson and she shares with us her story about navigating three rounds of loss and grieving, how she survived it, and how focusing on her daughter Gracie helped her move forward. She talks about the difference between slow hospice deaths and sudden death and shares with listeners her ugliest point, the rage bubbling inside her. We also hear about where her path led her and how she started her incredible sympathy card business, Butterflies and Halos. To hear more about how she navigated through tough times and where you can find her cards, start listening now.

Key Points from This Episode:

  • We hear more about Angie Hanson and her story of the loss and grief of her son Garret.
  • How placing her attention on her daughter, Gracie, helped with moving forward.
  • What their early weeks and months of grieving Garret looked like as a family.
  • Angie shares what the extended journey of grief looked like for her and her family.
  • She shares about their fight with cancer and the death of her husband, Jack.
  • How she dealt with the death of her brother two months after the death of Jack.
  • She talks about the difference between the slow deaths of her husband and brother versus the sudden death of Garret.
  • Angie talks about her ugliest point; being ragingly mad.
  • Amidst all the losses, Angie shares the happiness they experienced with her new marriage.
  • The talks they had to have with Gracie about loss and grieving.
  • Angie shares with us where her path of grief has led her.
  • The story behind Butterflies and Halos; grief and joy coexist.
  • Some examples of what her cards say.
  • Where to find her shop, blog, and social media pages.

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