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Almost everyone who has experienced loss has wondered whether their loved one is happy and in a good place and they long to connect with them just one more time. In this (off-the-wall) episode of Landscape of Loss, we are welcoming a psychic medium to the show to tell us all more about his craft and how that can help parents suffering the loss of a child. Tuning in, you’ll hear about how Dean went from military service to psychic medium readings, who he works with, what his role is, how people feel about his craft, and the best time to connect with a loved one after their passing. Processing loss and allowing yourself to grieve is imperative for everyone earthside, and not, and today, our guest encourages people to give themselves time before seeking a connection with their lost loved one. We also discuss how his work has changed him for the better before delving into what he believes happens when we die. Dean explains why respecting people’s space is of the utmost importance and why he never dives into a reading without permission. You don’t want to miss out on this interesting conversation, so join us now!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • A brief overview of today’s interesting guest, the psychic medium, Dean McMurray.
  • How sensing his deceased grandma helped him move from military service to mediumship.
  • The kinds of people Dean works with and an estimate of who is a believer and who isn’
  • Why Dean’s job is not to fill the hole of loss.
  • The importance of researching your medium.
  • Why you should process the loss of your loved one before seeking connection again.
  • Dean tells us a beautiful story of a reading he did with a woman and her deceased father.
  • How Dean’s experiences in his work have changed him and made him a better person.
  • Dean shares his controversial opinion about a choice we make when we die.
  • The questions he often gets about people’s loved ones.
  • Dean explains why he is adamant about respecting people’s space until invited in.
  • Our guest gives Jen a brief little reading based on what he senses.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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